Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG September 2015 Las Vegas Show Report

Monday morning started off with a bang! We had about 100 – 150 members waiting in line at 7:30. 8:00 was about the same and ditto for 8:30. General membership came in at 9:00 and there was a steady line all day long in the Pavilion Ballroom at the Tropicana for the IWJG September event. Tuesday started off slow, like a typical Las Vegas Tuesday and by 10:30 there was a good buzz in the room. Things started tapering off around 4:00 but there was business being done up until we closed out security and the room at 7:00 PM. Olga was not able to attend the show so we didn't get a chance to get as many reports as usual but here is what we heard from the membership in attendance...

Greg Esses had as very good buying show! Gary, Alex and Arthur from Luxury Baazar did good business especially considering this market we are in! Andy Yaspero had a very good event as did Drew Knohl. Ricardo Franze from Miami had a very good show and Baha Turker reported in with a good event and said he did some good business... Luca Musumci had a very good show with his less common inventory...

Daniel Hyman reported a very, very good show... Ariel Shimunov said "our show was just fine, we moved some inventory"... Beh Adhoot had a good show as did Ashok Mehta...

Doug Gruenberg had a really good show but thinks we may have stretched the number of members waiting in line at 8:00 a little. (Maybe, but we had a good excuse on Monday and it could have influenced our eyesight?). It was still a nice crowd... Chase Ahluwalia had a very good event as did Joe Akar...

Newton Ng had a great Monday then he said de had to grind it out on Tuesday but in the end it was a really good show overall... Jordan Gelerman had a very good show as did Alfonso Valencia (Monday was a little slow for Alfonso but Tuesday kicked in and kicked out a very good Las Vegas event!!!) Rich Markow reported in with a very good show!!! Marco Damm was not disappointed with his results especially considering the global issues and the fact that this event was over Labor Day!!! Maricela Reyes had a good event!!!

Gary Zumalt reported that September was a GREAT show for him!! Byron Eder said" you can quote me, Las Vegas was a great event and Pete Moreno reported in with "This was a Great Show... It felt like the good old days to me"... Thank you all for your reports. If we missed you please understand, it was a little busy on the floor.

What was selling? Once again the winner (winner, winner, chicken dinner... Bob Wingate) was Rolex... That's right Rolex, Rolex, Rolex!!! Mid prices from $3,000 to 15,000 seemed to be the movers... Other merchandise also found some movement but Rolex inventory in the afore mentioned price range was very strong. Considering the state of the world marketplace and the reports we are getting from other events, we have every reason to be thankful...

September Las Vegas was a good event!!! It came early in the month and crowded us on our July and August events... WHY??? Labor Day was the only weekend we could have a show in September and not exclude our members that adhere to the restrictions (and blessings) of the Jewish Calendar. Sometimes it's a little inconvenient to work around other events, but our members are worth a little inconvenience. Thanks to all of you for your understanding of our tight schedule this summer and rest assured that we also are ready for Fall 2015!!!

As the world governments continue to play with economies, our IWJG becomes even more important to our members that require a safe, viable event to conduct business with fair rules of conduct... Let us know how we can help you!!

With all the craziness in the world and our marketplace, we're sure that many of you are hearing that some of our members that think we should change the way we conduct our events. Some believe we should change the number/dates of our events. Some think we should alter the duration. Some suggest we should change our 9:00 am general membership opening time. Others believe we should raise prices and yet others think we should maintain prices in these uncertain times. We want to be cautious and make sure we serve the vast majority of our members and at the same time remain true to Burl and Olga's original concept of the IWJG.

Change is necessary when there is an overarching reason but not just change for change sake... With that in mind the IWJG is forming an Executive Show Committee to hear ideas from you (the membership) and then subject those ideas to due diligence from a feasibility, financial, executable, acceptable and fair to all, perspective. Do not be concerned with rumors, we promise that as we look at any changes, the IWJG will keep you informed as ideas start to gel and we will seek your input... Your comfort in all we do is a prime consideration for all of us... Look for good news!!

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