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IWJG October 2012 New York Show Report

The New York show on October 22 & 23 at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge started off on Monday morning at 7:30AM with a buzz and throughout the day, grew into a roar. Over 1,100 members and guests were in attendance. Pushing 300 dealers with tables, the New York show was the largest New York City event for the IWJG in history.

What was selling? Loose stones with reasonable prices as usual were being bought and sold as fast as they could turn over. Larger stones were through the roof. Some jewelry dealers found the show a little soft while others had grins from ear to ear. Watch dealers found that moderns, as usual, were selling, the better quality watches were selling at better prices. A few of our dealers reported they had brought the wrong mix merchandise or their pricing was not in line with the market (they were holding on to merchandise for the upcoming holiday season) consequently, their show seemed a little soft. By in large, most dealers had glowing reports following the New York show. Here are a few examples:

Pinhasov & Gabriel exclaimed "Oh my gosh, we're very happy!" Peter Thompson reported a very good show. Jean-Paul Menicucci reported fabulous. Barry Shochat reported "Best show in two years." Joe Akar reported "The freakin' bomb!" Nechemia Weinreb said "This is our first show with the IWJG. How exciting! We will definitely be back!" Fred Hakimian, Gabe Arik, Ed Faber, Billy Oyster, Alex Cianni, Leo Brafman, Doug Gruenberg, and Harry Setian all reported very good shows. Byron Eder, Tom Milani, Tony Cheresky, Michael Anderson, Marcus Abercrombie, Jeff Harris, Mozus Katz, Marco Damm, and Gary Zumalt all reported good shows, while Igal Haimov and Newton Ng reported amazing shows with newton adding New York was "my best show."

The show was very strong. The traffic was very strong. The buzz in the room was very strong... and as you can read, the reports from the show were extraordinarily upbeat. Other people noted that this show required hard work while others said (as we mentioned above), they found it a little soft. But, for the vast majority of members at the New York show, it was a solid double, a real triple and in some cases a home run.

We want to thank everyone in attendance for making the October 2012 New York show such a success.


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