Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG January 2012 Las Vegas Show Report

The January 2012 International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show at the Tropicana in Las Vegas opened on Tuesday morning to a typical Las Vegas opening. Las Vegas has so many things to do... so many places to go... and it seems like the members of The IWJG want to do it all but then they are a little slow coming in the first day of the show. There was good business and good activity on the floor early and as the morning wore on, volume just kept increasing. By 10:00AM, the room was full and "the joint was jumping!" It stayed that way right up until we ran everybody out after 6:30PM. The Tropicana had installed new lights for us in the Pavilion Ballroom and it really brightened the place up. Thank you Tropicana! Many of our members had sold a lot of merchandise over the Holidays and were trying hard to buy to fill orders and their own inventory. Some reported the show was a little soft but others were tickled pink with the early January results, and almost everyone said you had to really work hard to have good results. Hey, that's why they spell it W-O-R-K!

Moderns were selling with prices at very good levels. Speaking with several IWJG members, vintage has started moving again and any diamond with a GIA certificate will move in a heartbeat. As the day continued, the action on the floor stayed steady with dealers anticipating a rush to convert inventories to cash on Wednesday, January 4th.

In the end, Gabe Arik reported in with a good show. Ira Mish, Jacob Fried and Fred Hakimian all gave good reports. Ronnie Bullock and Leo Brafman had good reports. Ronnie reported that some items that had been soft at previous shows moved well on the first day. Joe Kashani said he had a very good show.

Joe Nelson, Executive Director of The IWJG reports that New member Roi Zalach from Gold and Beyond in Las Vegas set up at the Las Vegas Show for the first time and after working with Fred Hakimian and Gabe Arik, Roi thought his first show was a good one. Welcome Roi! SSDD! If you have the right merchandise at the right price... somebody will buy it!

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