Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


IWJG January 2019 Miami Show Report

Francesco Christofori, IWJG Member from Italy said he had a Really Good Event and added "Grazie" as he was headed out the door of the Ballroom late Monday... Yair Mizrah had a Good Event in Miami as did Joe Akar and his Staff. McGirdish Kasparian reported in with Very Good Miami results. Bijan Javaheri was smiling and said he had a Good Show in Miami... Yasha Tehrani was Very Pleased with his results in Miami.

Alex Pinkhasov had one of his Best Shows Ever, at the Hilton with the IWJG... Maria Hernandez reported in with Very Good Show results and she loved the Sunday-Monday pattern because her phone was not ringing all day long on Sunday like it does on our usual Monday-Tuesday schedule. Michele Motale had a Great IWJG event in Miami.

Donald Gruenberg said he had a Good Miami IWJG Show and Peter Geykman from Los Angeles had a Really, Really, Really Good Show... Byron Eder said his show was ALL GOOD!

Peter Chou reported in with a Really Good show. Peter said, "I want the same treatment (free meals and reception) at IWJG shows in the future." Okay Peter, we will do the best we can!!! Chris Strizzi from Atlanta had a Great Miami IWJG show.

Jason Gellerman, one of our young guns, had a Really Good Show, while another of our YG's Luke Rottman reported a GOOD event where he moved plenty of merchandise!!! We were talking to yet another of our Young Successful Members, Andrew Cohen and he told me that his results in Miami were Really Good and he loved the Sunday-Monday Schedule... Jose Montilla, from Venezuela had a Great Show in Miami.

Giorgia Mondiani told us that she completely sold out of her supply of Mondiani Editore Books on Sunday alone... That's amazing considering she shipped us a pallet that we brought to Miami for her... It was a Busy and a Good Show!!!

Josephine Qian said she had a Very Good Miami show... Mr. 18kt, Bob Wingate from Texas turned in a Good Show Report.

Fellow Texan Todd Jones, said most everybody he talked to had a good IWJG show in Miami and (drum roll) bringing up the Caboose position on this report, Fred Hakimiam said he had a Great Show in Miami, in addition to having a Really Good IWJG Event Fred and Shiva now have a Home in Miami... They found a Place in a High Rise in between the Hilton and the Hyatt Hotels that the IWJG uses for our events in Miami. Welcome to your New (Second) Home in South Florida... Enjoy the Weather away from Chicago!!!

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